• Prior tclassroom childreno every IEP meeting, the school district will provide you with their standard Notice of Procedural Safeguards.  These booklets are usually prepared by lawyers and can be very long.  Review them carefully and make sure that you ask questions if you do not fully understand every provision.

    The following Basic Rights are generally from the 2008 DREDF Special Education Guide for Parents.  To download the entire manual and obtain any updates, please visit:

  • If your child is strugglinAfrican-American-students-in-a-classroom-Shutterstockg in school and the teacher is telling you your child is not eligible for special education supports and services, we can help you to establish eligibility and obtain the supports your child needs. If your child is so anxious about school that she refuses to go, or your school has evaluated your child and found learning deficits but still refuses to find eligibility, we may be able to help. Many districts go out of their way to avoid finding a student eligible for special education and will even tell parents an IEP will harm their child and make them feel different and make them an outcast. That is not accurate. Special education supports may be the very thing your child needs to succeed in school, and being diagnosed with a specific learning disorder can finally give your child the sense that their deficits can be overcome. If you have any questions about whether your child is eligible for special education services, please seek legal assistance soon.

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